Eggshell Retailing

Eggshell Retailing offers a platform that links customers and retailers together. With different platforms, we hope to give customers a faster, safer and smarter platform to select products.


Eggshell Retailing aims at spreading innovative and sustainable goods around the globe and creating relationships between natural, sustainable lifestyle brands and customers. Striving to build a harmonious and green community, we hope every customer can enjoy life while being fashionably green.

Service Scope

Online Product Subscription Service

We offer an online product subscription service for your goods. Positioned smartly and creatively to highlight your products from the competitive market and spread your advertising news to attract global online subscribers to your products.


Distribution Channels Connection

We connect you with our distribution partners. We will conduct a selection process and contact every available distributing platform that fits your products once you recognize your product positioning and target customers. Connecting you with these international channels, we foster cooperation between you and our partners with a reasonably unique price offering.


Overseas Product Distribution

We connect you with the internationally well-known distribution channels, striving to break through your customary product distribution limitation, and spread your products to overseas distribution channels. We scan and filter all kinds of distribution channels; select and approach every possible international platform to seek the best deal for your product.


Sales Consultation Service

We act as a sales consultancy to resolve the enquiries of your product sales plan, as well as connect you with distribution channels in all regions (including Hong Kong, Mainland China, etc.). We review and improve your product to the best form for possible distributors and foster cooperation between you and the platform.