Eggshell Technology

Eggshell Group Limited has developed Eggshell Technology with specialists holding master degrees and with over 20 years of substantial experience in the IT field of technology solutions consulting, system development and implementation, and IT projects execution for business firms.


Eggshell Technology offers technical service to our clients, helping them to achieve their goal. With specialized IT service, we help our clients to expand their reach.

Service Scope

All these years, Eggshell has been handling various projects, namely hardware and network architecture setup, E-business solution, system customization and integration, and programs maintenance, trouble-shooting and project management.

With advanced knowledge of programming languages, such as JavaScript, C language, SQL, HTML and PHP, and in-depth understanding of computer system, including Visual Basic, MS SQL, Novell NetWare, Oracle and Microsoft Windows and Server, Eggshell will foster clients’ development in IT.