Eggshell Creative Consultancy is a strategic Branding and Advertising Consultancy established in Hong Kong, 2005. We are equipped with business strategy development forces, researchers, and cross-media designers in various lifestyle branding businesses ranging from Food and Beverage, Appeal and Jewelry, Property and Living to Shopping malls. Eggshell brings you inspiring business solutions that add up over time.


Eggshell creates a meaningful relationship between lifestyle brands and its customers by our own developed methodology based on reliable and cutting edge rationale evolved years of practice. Expertise in designing a holistic and compelling customer experience, we connect various touch-points seamlessly through product strategy service model, brand message, visual communication, brick and mortar, and other digital interaction etc. Not only focusing on tailoring distinctive images and brand messages for our clients, but to look into their business model, to assess whether their backstage system is efficient enough to support the brand new experience in the front stage.  Eggshell has advanced client’s brands with strategic approaches and continuous follow-up services, to keep clients optimistic, turning challenges into beneficial opportunities. 

Here in Eggshell Creative, you can experience infinite possibilities tailors for you.

Service Scope

In Eggshell Creative, we aim to develop comprehensive branding solutions to our clients. With UI UX experts, technology consultants and creative designers in our team, we offer the best for our clients. We specialise in both online and offline branding solutions. From design to delivering product messages, we are your best partner along the way.